The Element Of Water

Here you can experience a collection dedicated to capturing the essence of the Water element. This collection was created in a series of 5 pieces.


As the first in a collection of five this pendant is dedicated to the element of water. Hand formed glass is fused in a bed of clear iridescence and overlayed with unreacted steel blue and pink. This piece calls up the feeling of grace and symbolizes the power of consistency. Offered with a wide silk sash and finely rolled sterling silver bail this perfectly polished piece is named “Current”.


With an eye on elegant design and contrast, these are the only glass earrings in our Water collection. The subtle sharp angles are set with micro coruscant beads and matched with finely detailed sterling silver findings. These earring seem to dance like the light on a rippling sea and offer refreshing echoes of just that vision. These earrings have been named "Droplets".


Based on an elevated industrial feel this pendant backed in glittering pink is full fused with a doubled surface reaction. The center of this piece reveals an unreacted layer beneath the steel and gives a noticeable depth and rich blue color nested within. The piece is wholly reminiscent of twilight on a glorious city bay and so is named “Evenfalls Loch”


Aimed at capturing a memorable day at the beach this piece is created through multiple glass firings. Both texture and surface reactions are used to create the spectrum of moods one can find spending a long day on the water’s edge. Finished with a splash of fun the sterling silver bail has a twist and is fit with our white silk sash. Take a deep breath and enjoy “Sand and Sea”


This final piece in the water collection is a culmination of themes and gives a special note to design as it is reversible. One side is mirror polished and shows itself as if viewed from beneath the cooling water. The other side captures the rapid rippling of a live stream and is displayed as if rushing between New England slate rock. This pendant truly captures motion and shows some amazing things glass can do. This fifth piece dedicated to the water element is named “Steel River”