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Capturing the soft erosion of riverbank sands after a rain, this asymmetrical piece is purposed with holding a moment in time that is otherwise fleeting. A glimpse into the power of time “Sorra” shows how one thing builds another. With gratitude towards the grace of creation this pendant is finished with a Royal cut finding.


This final piece in the water collection is a culmination of themes and gives a special note to design as it is reversible. One side is mirror polished and shows itself as if viewed from beneath the cooling water. The other side captures the rapid rippling of a live stream and is displayed as if rushing between New England slate rock. This pendant truly captures motion and shows some amazing things glass can do. This fifth piece dedicated to the water element is named “Steel River”


With a light touch we have endeavored to embrace the essence of open air. The wonderful feeling of being free and untouchable. Unbridled and pure imagination not the least restrained, as free as the will of the wind. This doubled clear glass pendant is polished all the way around to a mysterious wet shine and is finished with a Royal cut finding. Perhaps “Whimsy” is a part of your story?


Bringing the use of a copper reaction to bear “Wildfire” is a finely contrasted piece with an undeniably vibrant look. Intrigue and captivation come to mind when handling this pendant that is finished with an inscribed sterling silver bail.


Working with different levels of focus, the “Wisteria” pendant brings together the memory of a late spring’s night in the garden. Dancing colors of blue and purple set on a sparkling back drop illuminated by a silver sky, send life to the lengthened shadows drawn through the center of the glass. Depth and serenity bring wonder alive in this unique piece.

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