The Element Of Earth

Here you can experience a collection dedicated to capturing the essence of the Earth element. This collection was created in a series of 5 pieces.


An enchanting abstract of late summers ambient glow. With the sun fading from the day and with a sense of wonder in your soul you head through lustrous green fields and into the eerie silhouettes of the trees for a walk in the “Evening forest”


The architectural form of a “Silver Field”  leading to a slender bail Creates the feeling of an exotic expanse falling into a luminous backdrop of high set even clouds from a plane of expressive color. Set in a vanilla base, the organic flowing edges and rough frost finish on the back give an undeniable sensation of the Earth element.  


Capturing the soft erosion of riverbank sands after a rain, this asymmetrical piece is purposed with holding a moment in time that is otherwise fleeting. A glimpse into the power of time “Sorra” shows how one thing builds another. With gratitude towards the grace of creation this pendant is finished with a Royal cut finding.


Working with different levels of focus, the “Wisteria” pendant brings together the memory of a late spring’s night in the garden. Dancing colors of blue and purple set on a sparkling back drop illuminated by a silver sky, send life to the lengthened shadows drawn through the center of the glass. Depth and serenity bring wonder alive in this unique piece.


This addition to the earring and pendant set inspired by a late moonlit evening provides understated elegance to the mood of the moment. Holding the essence of a mystical nights sweet dew on a tear drop finding, “Wisteria” has the subtle touch of an evenings embrace.