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In this first release of the Air collection we have added a layer of wonder by representing the enchantment of the Northern Lights. These earrings play with light showing soft blues, green and subtle hues of yellow. Designed to sway just a bit with the wearers movement they catch the eye in a glimmer. Enjoy these finely finished pieces called “Aurora”


For the lighthearted in the bunch, these earrings are quite light and elegant but with a taste of levity. This set is finished with a fine frost backing and a snippet of blue-sky color with cloud white. Just right in a moment to yourself, this handcrafted piece is yours as “Daydream”


With an eye on elegant design and contrast, these are the only glass earrings in our Water collection. The subtle sharp angles are set with micro coruscant beads and matched with finely detailed sterling silver findings. These earring seem to dance like the light on a rippling sea and offer refreshing echoes of just that vision. These earrings have been named "Droplets".


A delicate and refined vision of the fire element this Metaphora design focuses on inverting the element in space as if it were liquid. To display the contrast of this element to others we have fused this work on clear glass representing both solidity and the ephemeral nature of this aptly named piece “Fire and Ice”


The first in an earring / pendant set from our Fire collection. These earrings are fused with an embedded, fully integrated preform cast, perfect fire polish, mirror finish on back, and fitted with delicate sterling silver findings. This piece is created to express fire encapsulated in the darkness. Also wanting to express playfulness, this piece is named "Fire Beans"


This addition to the earring and pendant set inspired by a late moonlit evening provides understated elegance to the mood of the moment. Holding the essence of a mystical nights sweet dew on a tear drop finding, “Wisteria” has the subtle touch of an evenings embrace.

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