The Element Of Air

Here you can experience a collection dedicated to capturing the essence of the Air element. This collection was created in a series of 6 pieces.


Whether you wish to be enveloped in the sense of the ethereal by wearing both pieces in this set, or chose to wear this pendant alone designed as kin to the earrings, you can experience the magic of having the balanced contrast of the night that holds the light. This display of black silk, silver and evanescent color gives a hint of mystery and depth. This is the “Aurora” pendant


In this first release of the Air collection we have added a layer of wonder by representing the enchantment of the Northern Lights. These earrings play with light showing soft blues, green and subtle hues of yellow. Designed to sway just a bit with the wearers movement they catch the eye in a glimmer. Enjoy these finely finished pieces called “Aurora”


Continuing the concise minimalism of the Air collection, we have worked with color value and a dichromatic scheme to embrace the vastness of a giant sky above. The subtle frost finish gives the hint of a misty expanse and being in the clouds, while contrast is provided by the more stark alternating lines held in the image cirrus clouds. This is the “Daydream” pendant.


For the lighthearted in the bunch, these earrings are quite light and elegant but with a taste of levity. This set is finished with a fine frost backing and a snippet of blue-sky color with cloud white. Just right in a moment to yourself, this handcrafted piece is yours as “Daydream”


This square pendant uses the optical illusion of convex projection. Designed to draw the eye through space, the glass recalls visions of a fading suns heat shimmer over the ocean. A precise reaction can be seen captured between the proportioned bands of color providing even further depth to the piece. Take a deep breath and remember the “Horizon”


With a light touch we have endeavored to embrace the essence of open air. The wonderful feeling of being free and untouchable. Unbridled and pure imagination not the least restrained, as free as the will of the wind. This doubled clear glass pendant is polished all the way around to a mysterious wet shine and is finished with a Royal cut finding. Perhaps “Whimsy” is a part of your story?